Tampa FL News: The Touching Story About A Man And His Dog

Christmas is coming up, and people in Tampa are excited. What else is going on in Tampa FL? There is a moving story about his man and his dog, and Air Force veteran and a yellow Labrador. The story is about how the man and his dog were such constant companions in life, and now in death, too. A story like that about death is always sad, but this one has many rays of sunshine poking through. The man is survived by his wife, who tells the rest of the story.

It all starts off 14 years ago when she said she would have lost her husband then if it weren’t for the dog. You see, the Air Force veteran, whose name was Gerald, had diabetes. His dog, Zeke, would go get help when Gerald was in distress. He saved his life and continued to help him and be by his side.

Zeke passed away in 2014 after his health started to decline. While Zeke wasn’t a therapy dog, he was in tune with his owner and ‘knew things’ Gerald said. Gerald would say it was really something the way Zeke would look at him. Gerald lived for three more years before passing away earlier this month. Now dog and owner are reunited, and one day, a man and his wife will be, too.

For now, Gerald’s wife continues living her purpose and has one heartwarming story to tell. Out of death springs life, hope and. Christmas story that is perhaps a little comforting to all. If Gerald’s wife can find comfort in the story, then can’t it bring a smile to all of our faces? That’s all for now from Tampa FL, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hug those you love. Until next time.

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